Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Musings (Or, Ramblings)

Today David Fulford came in to talk about his work. He pretty much caught my attention when he mentioned Winsor McCay and Chris Ware as influences. Didn't really see that coming, being primarily a painter and all. But basically he was saying that he doesn't read them (what??) but looks at them (is he mad??). This idea shocked me rather a bit for some reason.

Anyhow, I'm thinking if I should take this approach. My comics don't tend too look very interesting at all. Maybe if I took more interest in the design of a page then it would be more interesting to people who don't really have any interest in reading comics.

Although my comics are kind of too short to do much of that. How many ways can you arrange four panels? (okay probably there are a gazillion ways but whatevs). Possibly my world has been turned upside down a bit. Just a tiny bit. My world is pretty much just slightly wonky now.

Also I was thinking of Watchmen. I suddenly remembered how amazing that book is and I should read it again but then I was thinking 'hmph I don't like the new cover art' and so I don't really want to buy a copy...

This was actually all the thoughts I had today.

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