Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lovecraft Books

These are pages taken from some booklets I made illustrating 'The Colour Out Of Space'. I was experimenting with format and with different perspectives of the story.

This first is from a book with a fixed viewpoint of the farm. The idea was to illustrate the story with a sort of detachment. Not focusing on characters but on the environment. In the end it didn't work and I stopped half way through. Still, this page is kind of nice?

This second is from a tall book. It was a funny format to work with but in the end it came out quite nice. It was all drawn in green ink, using a more varied approach to subject and composition than the other two.

This third book was drawn quickly and very small (It was about 4cm tall I think). I drew it after reading some Peanuts, clearly. I thought it would be interesting to illustrate the story from the perspective of the youngest child because his view would be in such contrast to the semi-scientific outlook of the narrator. This book was probably most important for the development of my final illustration (coming soon to a blog near you! (If I can ever will myself to scan it)).

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