Sunday, 13 February 2011

What am I into? Let's take a Peak!

So basically I recently discovered (and instantly got into) the work of Bob Peak. Well maybe I didn't discover him so recently . Rather, I became aware that all this amazing work was made by this one guy named Bob.

Yeah so, amazing much? Clearly the quality of drawing is crazy good. On the one hand bold and aggressive, but also totally delicate and sensitive. And then there are his compositions which are just so cool.


Also I don't see how he can paint so accurately whilst maintaining that roughness? Curious. The colours also are pretty great in their simplicity. I tried painting in my sketchbook yesterday using some of these principles. It didn't work. (which reminds me, I really need to buy a scanner soon...) Possibly I put this down to my relative inexperience in using paint/colour and thus a lack confidence. The shoddy shoddy brush didn't help either...

Oh well. I have to admit it's getting better (or easier at least). Must keep using things that aren't pencil.

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