Sunday, 6 March 2011

At Last The Time Has Come

So I finally got myself a scanner. It is quite amazing and it means that I can get some of my work onto this blog at last. It certainly has taken a while but I now present; a selection of images taken from sketchbooks.

Whilst these images are largely unrelated to my current project work, I felt it was important that I get something up here. I plan on putting up a bit of recent work tomorrow.

Until then!

Father dozing on the sofa. Brush and ink with colour pencil.

SpaceMod. Pen and ink.

Small painting of a girl. Gouache.

From a photo of C. Keeler. Brush and ink.

Study of a R. Gruau. Acrylic Paint.

Drawing of my sister, sleeping. Fineline pen.

Skecthbook page, the Profumos. Pencil.

A concession to my inherent geekiness. Brush and Ink.

From a photo of Ray Davies. Brush and ink.

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