Sunday, 13 March 2011

Colouring In

So, in the last post I claimed I would colour my little self portrait. A nice idea I think but the weird thing is that I actually followed through with it. Shocking stuff. Even more shocking is that I actually like how it turned out. Usually when I try to use colour it just ends up really bleh.

The process for this was pretty simple and not at all noteworthy. I just used the paintbrush tool. Pretty out there, hm? And choosing the colours involved a whole lot of jumping up to peek in the mirror for reference. Up and down and up and down, it was. Really quite exhausted by the end of it but there you go.

I was actually tempted to flip this after putting it onto the computer so that it would be the right way around but.. well, my drawing didn't really hold up to such methods. Odd how such a thing can highlight the flaws of a drawing to such a degree.

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